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Sandra Ardoin @SandraArdoin

The novel Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, published in February of 1885, has been a lightning rod over its 133 years being termed on occasion “coarse” and “racist.” Somewhere along the way, it became a classic. (I believe I still have my copy from high school literature class packed away in a box somewhere.)

I scoured YouTube—where you can find just about anything—and discovered the following brief video for the first film based on the book. The movie was produced in 1920, ten years after Twain’s death.


Below is a short biographical video about Mark Twain from the History website. In reading about him, he certainly led an interesting life, though it seemed a somewhat contradictory one. There were several instances when he’d first believe in one thing, then change his mind later to support the opposite viewpoint, including his opinions on Christianity. 


Do you have a favorite Mark Twain story? What was the must-read-for-a-grade novel you enjoyed most in school?