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Sandra Ardoin @SandraArdoin

I had a hard time settling on just a few posts this month, especially writing posts. There were so many informative and inspiring words shared in the month of April. I hope some of these speak to you in some way.



  • Every day is a gift. Do you trust Him with it? Are you grateful for it? Not Only Surviving, But Thriving
  • “…each individual is gifted, crafted, and designed to perform a different task.” Are you working cheerfully for Him, even if it’s in the background? The Silent Servant
  • This post on sleep was written specifically for writers, but it’s applicable for anyone who thinks they can function without sleep and still be productive.



  • Eva Marie Everson explains on Southern Writers Magazine’s Suite T ways in which “living libraries” can be a great source for novel material.
  • Seekerville’s Grammar Queen shares her grammar pet peeves.
  • “Before you can take readers to new places, you must first travel roads you’ve never been on.” On Novel Rocket, Allen Arnold talks about stretching yourself as a person and a writer to bring your reader fresh material.
  • Are you battling with writing procrastination? Janalyn Voight gives some tips to help you defeat it on the Live, Write, Thrive blog.


Do you have a favorite blog for inspirational posts—posts that make your day just about every time you read them?