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by Sandra Ardoin

Dani Pettrey’s new series Chesapeake Valor begins with the novel Cold Shot and introduces her romantic suspense fans to three childhood friends, all involved in some form of law enforcement. All are still puzzled by the disappearance of a fourth friend after college.

Former Maryland SWAT sniper, now Chief Ranger of the Gettysburg National Military Park, Griffin McCray teams up with forensic anthropologist Dr. Finley Scott to investigate an unidentified body buried in the park—one that didn’t belong to the Civil War era. What they eventually discover raises the hairs on Griffin’s neck and unites the three friends (Griffin, Declan, and Parker) in a dangerous case with multiple bodies and international crimes. When the hairs on Griffin’s neck rose, mine did too.

While Griffin and Finley explore the possibility of a future together, he’s forced to confront a past incident that, for years, has strained his relationship with Parker. Finley’s nickname for Griffin, “Ranger Grumpy,” pretty much sums him up at times. The case dredges up terrifying memories for Finley.

As Griffin had explained to her on the drive back from the range to her lab, a cold shot was the first shot out of a sniper’s rifle. No practice, no warm up. Just a “cold” shot. The term added an extra sense of brutality, lack of all compassion, just as the term in cold blood did.

We get several points of view, several romances or potential romances. I’m one who tends to like the simple hero/heroine POV, but this story left me eager to delve deeper into the other characters and the series mystery of what happened to Luke.

I’ll admit, it took me a bit to gain my footing with the book. There’s a little more of a light romance novel feel at the beginning than I expected based on Ms. Pettrey’s Alaskan Courage series, and I wasn’t wild about much of the epilogue.

Overall, though, Cold Shot is definitely no waste of a romantic suspense lover’s reading time. So, if that’s what you are, don’t miss it!

In your ideal novel, how many POVs do you like to read? One? Two? Several?