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by Sandra Ardoin

Sometimes, writing takes a backseat to life. It’s that “priorities” thing. This morning has been one of those times. (And I see a few more in my near future.)

First, I received the sticker to prove I voted in our primary. Voting is a big deal in this household, and we don’t miss it.

Then, I came home and moved my office two doors down. Though it’s a good thing, it put me behind in my work. I’d include a photo, but honestly, you don’t want to see it at the moment. At least moving helped me I find the top of my desk again. Now to figure out where to put the stuff I took off it. 😉

SO…on Friday, come on back for my next book review, and you can tell me if you agree with my assessment of

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How do you take it when real life threatens to interrupt work or play? I’ll admit that when I’m snowed under, I can get a little impatient. How about you?