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These days it’s common to read a romance with two points of view: the hero’s and the heroine’s. It’s no surprise that the two of them will get together in the end. (Come on, it’s a romance.) What you don’t know is how or what will keep them apart until that final happily-ever-after (HEA) scene—and that’s the fun of reading such stories.

Every once in a while, though, a novel comes out with the POV of a third lead character, generally a second man who possesses a romantic interest in the heroine. Sometimes, it’s clear the second guy is a jerk, and the heroine would be an idiot to choose him. Sometimes, though, he’s equally awesome. But let’s face it, bigamy is illegal even in fiction. Then Reader is left in a quandary. Which Mr. Right should Miss Confused choose in the end—Hero A or Hero B? Which man is better for her? Which man does Reader like better?

In those circumstances, I’m tempted to flip to the final pages to satisfy my curiosity and impatience, but I beat back the temptation and read on.

But how about you?

What do you think about books with more than one possible romantic HEA? Do you like them or not? Have you ever been surprised by the hero the heroine chooses (or the heroine the hero chooses)? What is your favorite novel with such a choice? Do you peek?