to not make a list of New Year’s resolutions. BUT, if I were of a mind to do so, there are a few writing NOT resolutions I could list.

 I would NOT:

  • begin a new book based solely on a first line
  • begin a new book based solely on a last line
  • write myself into a corner
  • let my 1880’s cowboy shout, “Awesome, man!”, no matter how much he pleads to do so
  • plot a story while removing something from the oven—brainstorming and 350 degrees–not a good idea
  • create a bad guy with no redeeming quality
  • create a good guy with no imperfection
  • giggle while writing a (perfectly innocent) romantic scene
  • stare open-mouthed at the person walking toward me in the mall because he/she has to be the identical twin of my hero/heroine
  • give myself another writing deadline for the busy month of December

So, what are your NOT resolutions for 2010? Happy New Year!